Put off posting yesterday since it was April Fool's day :-)

So, about thursday: First I went over to Eastwood, to get a new motherboard (nf7-s) and ram (512 ddr400 kingmax/ston) from Frank, then decided to walk up to school to get my copy of Etchings, MCE's yearly publication. I hardly made it up the slope before I spied a santa looking figure struting down the hill, its doug, my old math teacher! Bless the man, he is the best teacher I have ever had, one of the rare few who can put up with my questions and musing :D We had a nice walk down to the station, exchanged the usual (or unusual, depending) pleasantries and so forth. All is well it seems.

Then on the station waiting for the train, I ran into Ms. Adams, my y11/12 English teacher. Another batch of ususal conversational topics (weather, uni, life). It brings back rather fond memories, that now seem so far away, almost in another life, another realm, another universe. These people, are my links to my time at MCE, anchors who stayed while I drifed on.

There was something else on thursday... oh of course! John, Eflo and I went to a new Thai place, not far from Newton thai for lunch. Nice food, immensely satisfying, and rather good price ($6.00). To my misgivings afterwards, I ATE a chilli ring, John too I think, and we were both burning from the inside, so much, it hurts! Between the two of us, we downed about 3 litres of water in around 15 minutes. Not doing that again any time soon. It burns like fires of hell.

About today: nothing really happened, to my disappointment, this morning. Had rather interesting and involved electrical lab, and tutorial afterwards. Brought the 3rd book, Eye of Eternity out of sheer desperation to know the ending, and read it all through lunch. This time, I actually attended the elec1101 lecture, and glad I did it. Some fairly complex concepts. Met Tim from physics/software there also, a rather nice surprise. Showed up my solution to problem 1 of phy1901 assignment 1, and he thinks its right (and therefore it must be!). We have decided to collaborate on this one, to make life easier. Another rare occasion when I actually look forward to working with a partner on an assignment.

Had an excellent game of table tennis this afternoon too at H.K. Ward gym. I should go more often with my own bat, makes life so much more easier when you don't have to re-adjust to the different characteristics of random bats provided by the club. They are not bad bats, they are in fact very good bats, its simply they are different bats with different spin/bounce behaviour.

Made a new friend at TT, Len (as in strLEN(). hehe): a second year ITSys student, who is currently doing C and unix. Who ever said IT suxed at usyd is a moron ;-) Nice guy, who has a rather interesting style of play, and somewhat of an advantage as he arms, and hence reach, is somewhat longer than mine :-D Makes for an interesting game to say the least!

As a general announcement: my 19th birthday celebration wil be as follows: bbq @bicentennial @ 12am @ easter monday. Formal invitations will be given, this is just a general notice. Hope every one can make it!

*makes motions towards wish list down the page* *whistles* *cough*

Any who, have a great weekend!