Preserving stdin when using SDL

SDL has a "feature" where by it redirects stdin/out/err on certain platforms, including OS X. This presented problems since tcprose (an opengl network visualiser) depended on stdin for interprocess communication. After much mucking about, I arrived eventually at a 3 line solution to the problem:

First we duplicate the stdin file descriptor so when SDL calls close() on 0 the stream remains open.
int dup_fd = dup(0);
Then we initalise SDL, and let it redirect stdin as it does.
Here is where we do our little trick: close 0, then duplicating the original stdin stream back onto 0, so scanf etc will continue to work.
And viola! We have stdin back again, no longer redirected. This solution won't work for window users though. See discussion at gmane.org.


FSAA using SDL

Taking a break from working on emmap, I got back into the wonderful of C/OpenGL/SDL programming again.

SDL is a wonderful library that does... well a lot, but in a portable fashion that works on many platforms. One of these include Full Screen Anti Aliasing (FSAA), which makes things Look Good. I won't go into detail on how its done via SDL, there are resources a plenty. What I will impart is however a small piece of knowledge I gained after debugging a visualisation I am writing: FSAA through SDL will only work reliably cross platform only if the screen color depth is 24 or less.

Its a small thing, but it took a while to work out. Hope this helps some one :-)