Back in hospital

Checked in today into RPA, starting the whole transplant procedure. Not sure when I will be well enough to post again once they start the chemotherapy and total body irradiation.

Unwired is evidently working since I am posting here. The reception is not great, but its better than dial up at least.

I am in ward 7W1 bed 8 for those of you who are interested in paying me a visit :-) This might change come 10/8 when I might move to a single room.



System Administrator Appreciation Day

Happy sysadmin day!

Every one be nice to their sysadmins today... remember, they read your emails ;)



MM-7b finished and done

Finished my modified MM-7 so it uses proximity detection to avoid walls etc. Here are some pictures before I take it apart and build something else:

Here is a video that shows it off :D

The MM-7's controlling logic is done in NQC.



MacNQC, RCX2 and Lego Mindstorm

Been playing around with my LEGO RIS2.0 kit I got for my birthday. Its great!

Some tips for getting it to all work under OS X Tiger:
  1. Read the README file and download the firmware for the RCX as it will be needed before any programs can be loaded.
  2. Turn off "Fast Firmware Download" in the Communication tab in preferences.
  3. Powerup the RCX, and upload the firmware to it using RCX->Download Firmware from the menu bar.
  4. Viola!
Been doing OK these last few days. I am being mobilised to collect my own stemcells in preparation for my bone marrow transplant in August. Keep getting hiccups though :-P