Physics was EASY!!!

So many things could have been ask, but they didn't, HA! I realized I could have done the electrical option topic questions despite the fact I didn't do it. It was THAT easy :D

Expecting around 95% for this one. Now if I do just as good for chemistry, I am set :D

Have a nice day all!


Ok, Lets NOT talk about the 3U test today. Lets leave it at if I got 54% I would be happy.

In other news, went to look at the house mum was thinking of buying, but it was too noisy. Damn, I can't even hear myself think and I think OUT LOUD.

OS X cds probably going in the mail today, horrah! Airport card arrived yesterday, but OS 9 remains utterly broken :S Oh well :-)

Frank forgot the card reader *again*. sheesh! :P

Going to study for physics, must not stuff this one up.

Oh, for got, img2text has been updated, now with a readme.txt and auto scale feature. Its still there, on the right. Have fun!


I wasn't the only one to have problems with yesterday's paper. News article here.

Also wrote img2text last night because I was bored. Results are here at the atomic forums. Program src and win32 executable on your right. Have fun!!

Need to get back to 3U study :S
Ah, nothing like a little coding :P

Any who, wrote img2text last night cause I was bored. The results are listed here on atomic forums. Program and source on your right.

And I am not the only one who had problems with the 2U test:



That more or less describes today's 2unit math test. Quote: "Hardest 2unit in 12 years".

I would be lucky if I got above 100 :S *sigh* All that preperation, and still got owned :S Time to study for 3Unit :P

Hope every one else has better luck. Oh, and another NGE wall scroll coming :D Will updated pictures once I have the card reader from Frank.

BTW, there is a new site called creativeDirectory, which has a nice goal of acting as a free listing (for jobs) for coders, artists and what not. Check them out. Here is mine :D


Almost a week since my last blog :-P Sorry for the lapse, HSC HAS started after all :-)

English Advanced paper 1 and 2 are now done, 6 more to go! :-) Over all I thought english was way too easy... nothing like the trials.

Next week I got MA, MA3U, PHY on all the odd days, then SOR on Tuesday, followed by SDD *and* CHEM on the SAME FREAKING DAY $%&#$^*$*

Ah well, life is tought :-)

In good news, I got an airport card cheap for $90 all up, WAY cheaper than the going price of other airport cards on ebay. Also got 256RAM for the ibook, but I managed to fubar OS 9 royally, so know I am waiting for Panther to arrive. Its released today, so it will probably get here next Wensday/Tuesday'ish.

Met some great people on deviantart.com, and its making things a lot more fun. Only 46 or so page views until I hit 1K :-D

The nekkid picture comp on atomicmpc.com.au was CLASSIC! It has class, naked ppl and lots of laughs! About the only place it can happen, where people are so willing to take a piss at themselves and each other. A memorable event to be sure. Proves that Australians are the BEST ppl in the world :-)

I'll leave you with linkage to the pictures! Enjoy!


Hrm just a quick blog. Clit, the .lit cracker is going to be shut down in a month in the UK due to copyright laws that are on the same level as the DMCA (read: stupid, ill thought, undermining, limiting, horrendous). To let this piece of software be avaliable to others for LEGITMATE reasons, it will now be linked in the box to your right.

Laws like DMCA are design to protect poorly designed software and poor products in general (I mean, DRM that works via win32 only auto run "technology"), and act as a battering ram for companies who can not excel in business for their strengths, and have to resort to sueing the public for their own lack of intellect (see previous on DRM).

In other news, 28/30 for physics past HSC multiple choice, which is alright. Also won my G3 Ibook for 440, which is excellent.

I encourage every one to read these stories and vote for your favourite.


Links below doesn't work, and I can't edit for some reason :S

Here is the story mentioned below.

O.M.G. I did 44 past HSC chem questions, and GOT ALL 44 RIGHT!!! YAY!!! For SDD, it was 4 wrong out of 40. Will do physics tommorow.

I am stroked with that chem result but, makes me feel all happy and in control... for now :P

And with a stroke of luck, I made it into the atomic writting competition despite being hours late!! This is A GOOD DAY!!

Hope every one reading this has had a good day, and if not, hope you have one tommorow!
*Update* Story is here
Bah, typed up a blog, now I lost it :S

The bones of it were:

>> SDD is a bad subject to do. Bad HSC questions, bad text book, generally lacking in quality. Any programmer who started when they were 13 or so would know everything on it more or less.

>> Chemisty and Physics papers were alright, nothing too difficult.

>> Not going to bother with SOR, as long as I pass.

>> Need to brush up on 3U, i want at least 80% in that.

>> Have to re-read the texts for english.

>> Wrote a short story I thought up standing in line for lunch, will put link here once uploaded

>> The world is having a better day.


Ah, another glorious day of STUDYT$&^$%&*^*(&%(*

Lack of update since I keep forgetting :P

Any who, did the 2001 and 2002 2U HSC papers, got 91% and 83% respectively |:-| Not as good as I want them to be, but I can get better. I got my rear end handed to me by the 2002 3U, a pathetic 54% ~:-(

Did the chemistry 2002 HSC today. Besides the 3 marks I lost in the multiple choice.

In better news, I got everything else. My 6gig HDD + case came today, and it looks sweet :D I'll put up pictures soon. Also got more ink for the ink jet, so I could print off 42 pages of MORE physics notes (athough 8 were wasted, it was on atrophysics, not useful to me as I do Q&Q). Downloading more notes as we speak, always good to have 2 references.

Will start on the physics papers tommorow.

Oh, and almost forgot. Overclocked my palm :D Yes, overclocked a *palm* (m130). From 33mhz -> 42mhz, a performance increase of 30-50% according to speedy (palm benchmark). I did it using cruise control and clockupDA. Afterburner sux'd big time. Side effects include a faster clock, which means some games run like CRAZY! Also the stop watch program doesn't keep time when its OC'd, but thats understandable.

Also, atomicArt group set up on DA. Check it out here. Thanks to ~beef for setting it up. Some quality stuff there people.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!!!!!!!!! Many well wishes from me, and on behalf of any one who could not make it. HAVE A GOOD ONE!

*update* Aday is suitably drunk already*

Finally finnished all the core topic notes!!!!!!! Tommorow will be the last day of note making, then its all past papers, especially math, from Monday on. Given that I have 7 days, and 6 subject, I'll do 2 days maths, then 1 day for every other subject. Only 16 more days until the HSC!!!

In other news, in taking a break from study, went to the movies with Kev, John, and Coz, and saw Pirate of the Carribeojfsdghdkjgh(sp?) again. Still an enjoyable movie the 2nd time round.

LXG also looks good, planning on catching that some time too. Despite Sydney Morning Herald (free give away after movies) giving it 3/10, I don't trust them. These are the same people who gave 28 days later 8/10 *shudder*.

And horrah! Pay check cleared! :D

Any who, you have a good one hear?! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!


Hrm, nothing much today. Weather took a chill turn, which is rather nice, better than those hot 35degree days we have been having.

Went to Eastwood today, and got the Macq. revision guide for SOR, so maybe now I will get better marks, and not drag John down as much ! :P

Picked up a nice portable printer from ebay for $18.5 including ink :D And on an impluse, bought a EL keyboard for 88 all up. This should be more conductive to typing at night than my current 5 year old compaq :D

Played a little CS to relax, getting pretty good with the scout. 24-0 with scout and desert eagle, not bad I say :)

Still waiting for my last pay check to clear :S

Going to the movies tommorow but, taking a break from study. Probably end up watching finding nemo, hehe :D

Bah! I'll stop boring you, later! Have a good one!


Another day gone. Another day of work done. Another day closer to the HSC. Another day of worry. Another day, forever lost, a drop of memory, in the ocean of Time.

Sincerely hope every one reading this has had a better day, with less anxiety and less worry :-)

I do look forward to the end of this, so I can spend time doing things I love.

So much to do, and so little time to do it...