HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRETT!!!!!!!!!! Many well wishes from me, and on behalf of any one who could not make it. HAVE A GOOD ONE!

*update* Aday is suitably drunk already*

Finally finnished all the core topic notes!!!!!!! Tommorow will be the last day of note making, then its all past papers, especially math, from Monday on. Given that I have 7 days, and 6 subject, I'll do 2 days maths, then 1 day for every other subject. Only 16 more days until the HSC!!!

In other news, in taking a break from study, went to the movies with Kev, John, and Coz, and saw Pirate of the Carribeojfsdghdkjgh(sp?) again. Still an enjoyable movie the 2nd time round.

LXG also looks good, planning on catching that some time too. Despite Sydney Morning Herald (free give away after movies) giving it 3/10, I don't trust them. These are the same people who gave 28 days later 8/10 *shudder*.

And horrah! Pay check cleared! :D

Any who, you have a good one hear?! ARRRRRRRRRRRRR!