26.06.2006 - nice high blood counts

White cells: 44. Red blood cells: 101. Platlets: 380. My blood is almost normal, except I don't really feel it :P

The 16 injections of GCSF is starting to give me bone pains and such. But I would rather that than an infection. Feeling alright though, no too bad.

Staying up late tonight to watch the Italy vs Australia match, go Australia!!!



23.06.2006 - a series of events

1. Australia draws with Croatia!!!
2. Bone marrow biopsy
3. Blood transfusion - zZzZz
4. ARA-C - jab!

A full on day due to the blood transfusion, got home @ 5:30pm to lovely chicken wings which I cleaned up.

The bone marrow biopsy shows I am still in remission, though quantitative molecular tests aren't done yet. My bone marrow transplant is being negotiated still. Apparently the bone marrow transplant will make me extremely sick - something I am prepared to face, or so I hope.

Have a good weekend every one!




Back at home now that my blood counts are recovering. No more chemotherapy this week I think.

Thinking about getting wireless internet working... it would make my time in hospital more enjoyable.



18.06.2006 - ow my back!

Back in hospital for observations. No temperatures but now I got a killer lower-back pain which is killing me. Constant and none stop, the pain killers aren't really working. No idea how I am going to be able to sleep.

Oh well, should be no trouble then staying up for the game.



13.06.2006 - low counts

Didn't get my usual injection of ARA-C today - my blood counts are too low. Skipping chemo tomorrow, and going back on Thursday to see if my bone marrow has recovered enough for me to endure more chemotherapy.

Oh, and go the Socceroos!!! 3-1 w00t!



9.06.2006 - good friday

Managed not to get myself admitted into hospital, horrah! Today was quick, just bloods and ARA-C. Going to need to start on my GCSF booster shots because my immune system is crap again.

Yesterday was a long day because I had to have blood transfusions which lasted for 6 hours so I was there until 5:20pm. The same day Chris came and visited, and it was a good evening.

Hopefully today will prove to be another Good Day. At least I have the long weekend off!



6.6.6 - Quick day

Managed to get out of clinic in just under 3 hours. Went over to my old post-office to see Silvia and Nargie, and to collect my $200 cash order :-P Had a 1/4 chicken for lunch, yum.

Nothing much else happening tonight, other than helping Emma with a bit of soldering. Hope it will also be this quick because I have to go back every day this week :-/

Also got a nice card from my teachers at MCE - yay! Put a smile on my face it did! Have to visit there sometime when I am able.



05.06.2006 - electronics day

Got back from clinic at about 3pm. Watched X-Men 3, pretty sad how many people died in it. After dinner I helped Emma out with her electronics project, I can still be useful! Now I have no idea where my pda is though...



4.06.2006 - a day of rest

Finished Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow an hour or so ago - excellent book with plenty of surprises!

Got my excercise rubber bands setup around my room now, so now I can do my excercises and hopefully get stronger quickly!

Maybe it is time for some darwinia playing...



3.06.2006 - lazy day

Yesterday was a tiring day - early get up, trip to RPA Medical Centre, back to Concord, injections, examinations, the works. Out of there by 2pm pretty tired by then.

Slept till 10am today to make up for it. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Emma - that turned out to be a taxing experience too. I really need more energy.

Going to take a break now and just read quietly, tired again :-/



01.06.2005 - false alarm

I was awoken from my deep slumber by my Dad who insisted my bone marrow transplant meeting with A/Prof. Gibson of U.Syd was today at 9am. However a small piece of paper from the Appointment Centre at Concord Hospital said the same appointment is tomorrow at 9:30am. Just to be on the safe side, every one got ready and off we went.

About 15 minutes later at 5 past 8, I made a call to RPAH to see if I have an appointment today - the answer was no!!! We all got up and dressed and everything in vain! However we did confirm that I do have an appointment with A/Prof. Gibson tomorrow, at 9:30am as it was written.

So now its barely 9:44am and I have already been out of bed for an hour. Shocking.