June 23, 2006

23.06.2006 - a series of events

1. Australia draws with Croatia!!!
2. Bone marrow biopsy
3. Blood transfusion - zZzZz
4. ARA-C - jab!

A full on day due to the blood transfusion, got home @ 5:30pm to lovely chicken wings which I cleaned up.

The bone marrow biopsy shows I am still in remission, though quantitative molecular tests aren't done yet. My bone marrow transplant is being negotiated still. Apparently the bone marrow transplant will make me extremely sick - something I am prepared to face, or so I hope.

Have a good weekend every one!



  1. Hey - just got back: sorry I missed you tonight

    I'll be on earlier tomorrow (or SMS and I'll jump on the comp) :)

    Hoping (and praying) that the negotiations for the transplant go well!

  2. Hey andrew... now which andrew are you? :P

    Glen: No problems :)

  3. Was just reading your blog... lots of it is familiar. My husband is Day+17 post allo stem cell transplant. Finally his leukemia finished up the negotiations in April. Hang in there... lots have been where you are.