Oh its been a while. Doing some adminsitraive work for virtual host net, which is taking up a lot of my time, along with playing chess against Chris :-)

I should have the panther CDs soon...mmmm....

Also kernel 2.4.21 breaks DMA, which accounts for the "lag" I experience in my DVDs, and general slow performance of the debian box. This suituation is now fixed.

Learned DNS/BIND over the last few days, so I am not longer completely hopeless (but by no means well versed in it).

And if any one wants hosting for $30 a month, with 1G space and 10G transfers, let me now :-D. Hehe, sorry for the pimpage :P

Still waiting for a call regarding my application to teachers credit union... if I don't hear from them in 2 weeks, its means I am REJECTED :S


Ah, haven't updated in a bit, busy doing stuff :P

Still writing my resume, but the website is up. BIG THANKS TO NEO! YOU ARE A CHAMP!

Parents paid the deposite for the new house today, and we should be able to move in March next year. Looking forward to it! But it means no ADSL until then :-(

I am also applying for a job, and hope I get it :-D The time is flexible, and the pay is decent. Wish me luck! :D

Thats about all that happened... so hope you had a good weekend, and a better week to come!


Blood thirsty companies. IHug hit me with another $70 dollar fine for supposely using 7 extra mb of space on their homepage server. Frucking, since last month I have kept it BELOW 10MB!! FFS, now I am $70 poorer for no good reason. Assholes $%&^#$^&$#^&#^@#%^$&#$^&$%^&$!!!!!!!!!

*chill pill*

I have removed EVERYTHING off that frucking server, and if they hit me next month again I am going to take them to town. Mean while the links might be broken as I sort things out.


Woke up this morning with a sore knee and bruised chin. Note to self: don't ice skate with out double socks and don't fall on your knee.

Last night was Paul's 19th birthday bash. We met up at 6pm, ate some funky Viet food at the place-next-to-commonwealth-bank, then headed over to Macq. Centre. There was some indecision over movie or ice skating, but after some not-so-vicious debate, ice skating won, since none of us really wanted to spend another 2-3 hours on our rear ends. Despite the bruises, I loved ice skating.

Jason was the Master for the night, closely followed by Dominic and Michael, then came Luke, Said, Fadi and I, followed by Ru and Tony. We sling shotted Fadi a few times, and the newbies, I, Tony, and Ru tried to get on the ice. I managed to pick it up after 15 minutes or so :-). Tony made slightly better progress, towards the end he was making laps by himself. Ru had a hard time staying on his feet, but he persisted, and managed to make 2 laps with out touching the railing. GO RU! Afterwards Said was pretty sick :-S

Pictures from the night are on the right. Here is an attempt to "artify" one of the pictures :-)

Casper is now really up and running, in my wardrobe :-) My dad's laptop came early yesterday (8am! Didn't know the posties worked that early!) and my STM Alley bag also arrived, and it ROCKS! IMHO STM makes the best laptop bags, ever. Its also Australian owned and made!


To my teachers who are reading this, HELLO ;-)

Dropped into school today to drop off a few things, and find out that I returned John's SDD book, and John lost mine not his. So there goes $17.5 :-S

In good news, ran in to Paul in the library, and got his invite for tommorow's party down at that place near the Commonwealth Bank. Every one is having birthdays right now, either that or every one is finallying finding time to give out invitations :-)

Got the dual PII online to day, after so mucking with the BIOS since the kb/mouse PS/2 controllers were dead in the water. On a piece of wood its build on, held together by hotglue! Debian just finnished installing, now I need to recompile to enable SMP to take full advantage of the 2 processors, and need to a place to stash it, then run a duct with networking and power so I can run it in my closet.

Might also try and get the SCSI working, but I think I won't bother. Its only the render/SETI/SQL server, it needs proccessing power not hdd speed. Need to get a 30D HDD though, since the 20G WD in the current gateway is dying. Once this is done I need to get the SGI up and running, I WANT MY MAYA! Also need to get openbsd 3.4 on to the gateway, replacing the current 3.0 install. Mmmm new pf rule sets *drool*

Lastly, still waiting for my panther CDs, I want to get the ibook up to speed and take it war driving :S Oooh and I got myself a STM Alley bag, its fully sick. A laptop bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag! *mind boggling*

Since I finally finnished Homeworld yesterday, I have ran out of reasons to be awake at this hour. Night night :-)


Ah, the sweet feeling of waking up with out a hang over :-)

Righto, a recount of the least few days. Firstly, on Thursday, I had my last 2 exams :-D Which means I AM NOW FREE!! Right after I saw Matrix: Revolution, which was a little disappointing, but not a bad movie...

Then the day after, I went to Eastwood to deposit some checks, showed up at school to tie up some lose ends, and build my dual PII 266 box, which unfortunately is not working due to buggy kb controller, which means it won't boot :S

Went to Tony's 18th birthday party yesterday. It was a GREAT TIME! Had some funky drinks mixed by some surprisingly knowledgeable friends and took a LOT of picture, which are available here.

A great time was had by all, and it was a nice reunion as well :D

Planning on finishing a few games that I never got around to finishing, and do all the stuff I have wanted to do! WEE!


Found a GREAT game call Robobcom, where you program robots to play against other robots, kinda like corewars, except this is more fun IMHO. This allows some VERY interesting strategies, like viruses, evolutionary behavior, pack behavior, etc etc . And the scripting language it uses is very easy to learn to :-)

Give it a shot, and send me your bots! MY current one rockstar defeats the cross, agaragar, and flipping banks bot, but none of the classic legends :( But I want to change that ;)

Now I better get studying, Chemistry and SDD both on Wensday :((

Have fun!