Woke up this morning with a sore knee and bruised chin. Note to self: don't ice skate with out double socks and don't fall on your knee.

Last night was Paul's 19th birthday bash. We met up at 6pm, ate some funky Viet food at the place-next-to-commonwealth-bank, then headed over to Macq. Centre. There was some indecision over movie or ice skating, but after some not-so-vicious debate, ice skating won, since none of us really wanted to spend another 2-3 hours on our rear ends. Despite the bruises, I loved ice skating.

Jason was the Master for the night, closely followed by Dominic and Michael, then came Luke, Said, Fadi and I, followed by Ru and Tony. We sling shotted Fadi a few times, and the newbies, I, Tony, and Ru tried to get on the ice. I managed to pick it up after 15 minutes or so :-). Tony made slightly better progress, towards the end he was making laps by himself. Ru had a hard time staying on his feet, but he persisted, and managed to make 2 laps with out touching the railing. GO RU! Afterwards Said was pretty sick :-S

Pictures from the night are on the right. Here is an attempt to "artify" one of the pictures :-)

Casper is now really up and running, in my wardrobe :-) My dad's laptop came early yesterday (8am! Didn't know the posties worked that early!) and my STM Alley bag also arrived, and it ROCKS! IMHO STM makes the best laptop bags, ever. Its also Australian owned and made!