Oh its been a while. Doing some adminsitraive work for virtual host net, which is taking up a lot of my time, along with playing chess against Chris :-)

I should have the panther CDs soon...mmmm....

Also kernel 2.4.21 breaks DMA, which accounts for the "lag" I experience in my DVDs, and general slow performance of the debian box. This suituation is now fixed.

Learned DNS/BIND over the last few days, so I am not longer completely hopeless (but by no means well versed in it).

And if any one wants hosting for $30 a month, with 1G space and 10G transfers, let me now :-D. Hehe, sorry for the pimpage :P

Still waiting for a call regarding my application to teachers credit union... if I don't hear from them in 2 weeks, its means I am REJECTED :S