Stargate - SG! is to blame for my long absence :-D

Just finnished watching 7x10 tonight. Which means I am out of excuses to bum around :P Managed to build a new netbsd kernel, down from ~4mb to ~2.5MB :-)

Still having problems with building the entire release... but I am working on it.

Got a new 80G hard drive, and a usb2 cradle to do with it. All in all, cost my $170, which I consider to be a fairly good deal.

Being a student has its advantages. Mainly, student discounts. I am looking to get a new G4 ibook, 12" model, and sell the current G3 ibook that I have. Mmmm... OS X... *drool*

Now for those of you who DON'T read your emails, this is the _LAST_ notice:

freespace@optusnet.com.au is _DEAD_. All my @optusnet.com.au emails address are dead too. This is due to my termination of contract with them. Forward _ALL_ email to freespace [at] atomicscript [dot] com. Replace the [at] and [dot] as you see fit.

Oh, and the Last Samurai(sp?) was a TOP movie. Definitly recommended.


I am now an offical uni student! Horrah! :-)

The enrolement process was MUCH more difficult than I thought.. but probably came from skipping 2 stages :-)

Also got netbsd running on the ibook, yay! Its NOT a piece of junk after all!

That will be all, continue living your interesting and varied lives :-)


Been a LONG TIME since the last update.

Nothing exciting happened, nothing worth writting about... unless you count the shit hitting the fan with the cold storage, but you don't want to hear about that...

Saw Somethings Gotta Give today with the Gang. It appears everyone thought everyone else wanted to see it, while no one really did except for 2 ppl. So there we were, 7 teenages, 17-18, watching a movie with 30-60 year olds... I felt as out of place as a fish in the sky.

It wasn't bad, had its moments, but I still want that 2 hours of my life back...


Happy New Year!!!

May the coming year be a productive one, a peaceful one, a loving one for every one!

Props to Bryan for hosting the MAD party last night!