Stargate - SG! is to blame for my long absence :-D

Just finnished watching 7x10 tonight. Which means I am out of excuses to bum around :P Managed to build a new netbsd kernel, down from ~4mb to ~2.5MB :-)

Still having problems with building the entire release... but I am working on it.

Got a new 80G hard drive, and a usb2 cradle to do with it. All in all, cost my $170, which I consider to be a fairly good deal.

Being a student has its advantages. Mainly, student discounts. I am looking to get a new G4 ibook, 12" model, and sell the current G3 ibook that I have. Mmmm... OS X... *drool*

Now for those of you who DON'T read your emails, this is the _LAST_ notice:

freespace@optusnet.com.au is _DEAD_. All my @optusnet.com.au emails address are dead too. This is due to my termination of contract with them. Forward _ALL_ email to freespace [at] atomicscript [dot] com. Replace the [at] and [dot] as you see fit.

Oh, and the Last Samurai(sp?) was a TOP movie. Definitly recommended.