If you see the following sign...

Do like the sign says and run for your life.

This new sign was created by IAEA in response to the fact the existing warning sign -

"has no intuitive meaning and little recognition beyond those educated in its significance."

[ the existing warning sign - not as effective as we thought ]



The Solar System Boy Band

Venus is the hot one and will turn out to be gay (natch, I mean Venus?)
Earth is the um, down-to-earth one - full of life.
Mars - the cold and distant one - always at war with the other members
Jupiter - slightly overweight - jolly
Saturn - Gaudy over-compensator wears lots of jewelry and rings - looks up to Jupiter

Hot headed Mercury - left in a huff to form his own band - his manager is the real star though.
Uranus was an asshole and left before fame came.
Neptune - always blue, committed suicide after what happened to Pluto...
Pluto? Well, Pluto was thrown out when it was discovered he never could sing.