TigerVNC and Systemd

A quick systemd service definition file for tigervnc on Ubuntu 20.04


ExecStart=/usr/bin/vncserver -localhost no -depth 24 -geometry 1920x1080 -noreset


Key components:

  1. Type=forking so systemd correctly identifies the real VNC process, not the perl script that runs and then exits
  2. -localhost no so connections from other computers are accepted. This is only needed if you are not using ssh tunneling.
  3. User=steve so tigervnc doesn't complain about HOME not defined in the environment and uses my settings for auth and X session. Note that this is a strictly single-user setup.


Using SubShapeBinders and Assembly4

Assembly4 and SubShapeBinders make it possible to assemble Parts, then using their position in the assembly to generate new Parts. However because new Parts depend on Parts in the assembly, if you try to add them to the assembly FreeCAD 0.19 will complain about cyclic redundancy, which makes sense.

To get around this, one method is to change the Bind Mode of the SubShapeBinders to "Disabled" which copies the geometry but unbinds it from the base object.