Ah, finally, both math and software assignments are handed in... hope I did alright in both :D

Here is a picture I took in Central Coast, in the morning taking a stroll with my mother. Found it, amongst other photos when I sorted some of the more interesting looking boxes in the garage.

On tuesday John and his group went over to Bondi and did their "fun project", which was a beach shelter. From all reports (well ok, ONE report) it went well for every one, and much fun was had. Pictures are still late in the coming :-P

On wensday, PHYSOC held a free lunch, David and I met up, and we had a load of fun cracking physics/tech/geek jokes in general, with much head shaking from David :-) *waves*

Oh, also got some new people in my soft1901 tutorial group, who moved up from standard. Hopefully with the new injection of people, I can put together a workable group for assignment 2. Any one know anything about coral and crown starfishs?

Hrm.. thats all I can think of right now, still suffering some what from a creativity block. Need that 4space model done sometime real soon before I lose sight of the big picture too... hrmmm....


Forgot to make a new entry yesterday, so making up for it this morning :D Currently at uni, enjoying my rather short 1hour WAKE UP hour.

Any who, I managed (after much thought, grunting, swearing) to place my good old 20" MONSTER on my new shiny-made-mostly-of-glass computer desk, so I no longer have to spend my ibook fund on a new monitor. But karma being karma, with in the same hour, my cousine's 17" acer decided it has had enough abuse from dirty fingers and spittle, and gave up the ghost. *sigh* Sundays are never easy :S

In slightly better news, I got GIMP 2.0.0 (!!) and its FANTASTIC! Faster, slicker, and better than ever before! Kudos to the good people over at gimp.org for dedicating their time and effort.

Also uploaded a new deviation, head over to my deviantart page and have a look. On the topic of images, I captured a fairly ironic screen shot, in which 7-11 advertised the lower TCO of MS Server over *nix on slashdot of all places. I wonder how they managed to get that one in considering slashdot's parent company.

Last and not least, my dad left for China, and due to day light saving, got there an hour early, and then the plane itself was delayed 3.5 hours. I sincerely hope my poor father had a good book with him! Got a phone call last night, he has arrived safe and sound.

Hrm, thats more or less it, boring eh :P


P.S. blogger.com works in lynx :-) Pardon the formatting, lynx needs more work in how it handles textboxes!


FINALLY got back from work. I hate skipping a shower before sleep, makes me feel sooo... unclean.

Any who, kudos to Rene, who kindly invited us out to the Ranch, and paid for our rather posh, and bleedingly expensive dinner. We had a good time all in all, even though no one got drunk, and Shaun failed to throw up.

Slept over at John's at around 1am, woke up this morning and got STRIGHT to work, *sigh*. At least dad is leaving tommorow, so no workies for some time. Horrah!

My birthday being next month, here is a wish list, for those who don't know what to get me ( and those who THINK they do):

geek t-shirt
another geek t-shirt
DAPrints wish list
Caffinated mints. If you want myroom3 to be finnished, get me this ;-)
vi mug, every *nix geek's best friend

I'll add more to the list later.


Back from engineering camp, it was GREAT!

Much beer was consumed, many muscles pulled and strained, and many new friends made. Activities included absailing, kayaking, rock climbing, archery, high rope course, and a 12 meter swing!! Great fun that was.

And on top of all of that, I met the girl in my dream. (Note the subtle distinction between "girl of my dreams>". Though she could be!)

I bet you are just hanging like a man with a broken arm off a cliff for the pictures, so get them here.

I'll leave it to some one with a better memory to detail exactly what happened. Suffice to say we (mostly) got rather drunk and wet. Oh, and playing footy drunk is a bad idea, so is getting tackled and landing on your head...



Firstly, no, I am not dead, just extremely busy moving houses and starting uni. But, I still managed to code 2 simple games, myroom, and myroom2. Both of these require at least a graphics card tnt2 or above, or you will be magically transported to graphics hell.

Like I said, I have started uni, at Universit of Sydney, currently enroled in the following subjects for this semster:


Life is pretty interesting, well, at least working in a group with girls is :S Damn boys only catholic schools *mutter*. The 8am starts are a big downer, I have to get up at 6:30am!! For the love of GOD! But the activities avaliable more than make up for it, like the Engineering Camp this Friday - Sunday! Horrah!

And for those who are stalking me (I know who you are!), I am in the following university socs:

Table Tennis

Any who, I got a lecture now, hopefully now that a new telephone line is installed today, I can post more often.