FINALLY got back from work. I hate skipping a shower before sleep, makes me feel sooo... unclean.

Any who, kudos to Rene, who kindly invited us out to the Ranch, and paid for our rather posh, and bleedingly expensive dinner. We had a good time all in all, even though no one got drunk, and Shaun failed to throw up.

Slept over at John's at around 1am, woke up this morning and got STRIGHT to work, *sigh*. At least dad is leaving tommorow, so no workies for some time. Horrah!

My birthday being next month, here is a wish list, for those who don't know what to get me ( and those who THINK they do):

geek t-shirt
another geek t-shirt
DAPrints wish list
Caffinated mints. If you want myroom3 to be finnished, get me this ;-)
vi mug, every *nix geek's best friend

I'll add more to the list later.