Ah, finally, both math and software assignments are handed in... hope I did alright in both :D

Here is a picture I took in Central Coast, in the morning taking a stroll with my mother. Found it, amongst other photos when I sorted some of the more interesting looking boxes in the garage.

On tuesday John and his group went over to Bondi and did their "fun project", which was a beach shelter. From all reports (well ok, ONE report) it went well for every one, and much fun was had. Pictures are still late in the coming :-P

On wensday, PHYSOC held a free lunch, David and I met up, and we had a load of fun cracking physics/tech/geek jokes in general, with much head shaking from David :-) *waves*

Oh, also got some new people in my soft1901 tutorial group, who moved up from standard. Hopefully with the new injection of people, I can put together a workable group for assignment 2. Any one know anything about coral and crown starfishs?

Hrm.. thats all I can think of right now, still suffering some what from a creativity block. Need that 4space model done sometime real soon before I lose sight of the big picture too... hrmmm....