Firstly, no, I am not dead, just extremely busy moving houses and starting uni. But, I still managed to code 2 simple games, myroom, and myroom2. Both of these require at least a graphics card tnt2 or above, or you will be magically transported to graphics hell.

Like I said, I have started uni, at Universit of Sydney, currently enroled in the following subjects for this semster:


Life is pretty interesting, well, at least working in a group with girls is :S Damn boys only catholic schools *mutter*. The 8am starts are a big downer, I have to get up at 6:30am!! For the love of GOD! But the activities avaliable more than make up for it, like the Engineering Camp this Friday - Sunday! Horrah!

And for those who are stalking me (I know who you are!), I am in the following university socs:

Table Tennis

Any who, I got a lecture now, hopefully now that a new telephone line is installed today, I can post more often.