3D Printing at Home

FlashForge Creator Pro

I finally got my own 3D printer, a FlashForge Creator Pro, during the EOFY sale. My choices were between the Creator Pro or the Up Mini 2 ES with the build volume of the Creator Pro being the deciding factor.

Had bit of a rocky start with bed leveling but nothing a bit of patience won't fix. It prints reliably now though I have plans for a semi-assisted bed leveling jig.


Over the past week I have worked on and off on an iPad mini holder to position it above my monitor so I can use it as a status screen or as a monitor to watch twitch while I am doing menial tasks.

I also made a small headphone hanger to save a bit of space.

Both of these designs were made in Fusion360, my first with the software. Normally I use blender because that's what I comfortable with but the Fusion brings a lot to the table and I will be using it going forward. It doesn't hurt that experience and skills with Fusion will be useful in an industrial setting.

Next on the list is some replacement end-stops for a wall hanging and a keypad bruteforcer.