Another long period of silence... I know you appreciate it ;)

Some significant events...
Ru is back!!!

Said's little pool party, subsequent arrive of his mother, following by a quick evacuation to Tony's place.

Dinner with Chris (ni) at BBQ King in the City, the food was EXCELLENT. The drive home was mildly entertaining, despite the lack of promised heart attack.

Uni starts soon... oooh the anticipation!

Got butterfly demo thing semi working, check it out here: eyecandy.rar. Get the glut32.dll if you need it from here (zip).

Thats it for now, take care!


Ahh, been a while :P

Nothing of great import happened. Ru is back in Australia for a month, Kevin went to uni already, WITH OUT TELLING ANY ONE, and I got addicted to battlefield 1942, for now.

Oh, and have been doing a LOT of riddling over at net riddle. Kinda fun :)

Planning on writing a butterfly demo to test the new object abstraction I wrote, will upload once its done.

Take care!


Just a quick update. I got an offer for B.sci/B.eng today, which means I _will_ be doing the course I want after all! :-)