A late Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year every one!

For those wondering, my UAI was 94.2, still need to get the complete list off Tony.


WOA, been ages since last updated, just busy all around :P

Got the results back today, for HSC, here they are:

chem 82
ena 74
ma 93
ma3 41
phy 92
sdd 93
sor 39

Its alright, but I am disappointed in ENA and CHEM.

Dad and cousine both left for China, which means I more or less get to pick my own presents for Christmas :D Hehe, always a plus :D

Also itching for LOTR:ROTK, its going to ROCK! Also did some more DA work, you know where to go to see them. I'll update my website today when I come back from Eastwood.


Well, been a while eh :P

Just busy reading the first book of Night's Dawn series, and working a lot, so not much time to update this :P

Went to the Intel Pentium4 Extreme Edition launch today, got my self a free copy of Need For Speed: Underground, 2x intel CD cases, and a t-shirt. Oh and lunch and red bull was provided free of cost :D

Went with Steven, we both had lots of fun, and it was generally a GOOD DAY.

BUT, there is always a but, I didn't get a chance to get today's LOTR pin :-( I am hoping my local news agent will have some spares tommorow! Here is to hoping :D

Cousine and dad are both leaving for China soon, I am going to ask for a few choice presents :D