Ah, the sweet feeling of waking up with out a hang over :-)

Righto, a recount of the least few days. Firstly, on Thursday, I had my last 2 exams :-D Which means I AM NOW FREE!! Right after I saw Matrix: Revolution, which was a little disappointing, but not a bad movie...

Then the day after, I went to Eastwood to deposit some checks, showed up at school to tie up some lose ends, and build my dual PII 266 box, which unfortunately is not working due to buggy kb controller, which means it won't boot :S

Went to Tony's 18th birthday party yesterday. It was a GREAT TIME! Had some funky drinks mixed by some surprisingly knowledgeable friends and took a LOT of picture, which are available here.

A great time was had by all, and it was a nice reunion as well :D

Planning on finishing a few games that I never got around to finishing, and do all the stuff I have wanted to do! WEE!