To my teachers who are reading this, HELLO ;-)

Dropped into school today to drop off a few things, and find out that I returned John's SDD book, and John lost mine not his. So there goes $17.5 :-S

In good news, ran in to Paul in the library, and got his invite for tommorow's party down at that place near the Commonwealth Bank. Every one is having birthdays right now, either that or every one is finallying finding time to give out invitations :-)

Got the dual PII online to day, after so mucking with the BIOS since the kb/mouse PS/2 controllers were dead in the water. On a piece of wood its build on, held together by hotglue! Debian just finnished installing, now I need to recompile to enable SMP to take full advantage of the 2 processors, and need to a place to stash it, then run a duct with networking and power so I can run it in my closet.

Might also try and get the SCSI working, but I think I won't bother. Its only the render/SETI/SQL server, it needs proccessing power not hdd speed. Need to get a 30D HDD though, since the 20G WD in the current gateway is dying. Once this is done I need to get the SGI up and running, I WANT MY MAYA! Also need to get openbsd 3.4 on to the gateway, replacing the current 3.0 install. Mmmm new pf rule sets *drool*

Lastly, still waiting for my panther CDs, I want to get the ibook up to speed and take it war driving :S Oooh and I got myself a STM Alley bag, its fully sick. A laptop bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag! *mind boggling*

Since I finally finnished Homeworld yesterday, I have ran out of reasons to be awake at this hour. Night night :-)