Ah, another glorious day of STUDYT$&^$%&*^*(&%(*

Lack of update since I keep forgetting :P

Any who, did the 2001 and 2002 2U HSC papers, got 91% and 83% respectively |:-| Not as good as I want them to be, but I can get better. I got my rear end handed to me by the 2002 3U, a pathetic 54% ~:-(

Did the chemistry 2002 HSC today. Besides the 3 marks I lost in the multiple choice.

In better news, I got everything else. My 6gig HDD + case came today, and it looks sweet :D I'll put up pictures soon. Also got more ink for the ink jet, so I could print off 42 pages of MORE physics notes (athough 8 were wasted, it was on atrophysics, not useful to me as I do Q&Q). Downloading more notes as we speak, always good to have 2 references.

Will start on the physics papers tommorow.

Oh, and almost forgot. Overclocked my palm :D Yes, overclocked a *palm* (m130). From 33mhz -> 42mhz, a performance increase of 30-50% according to speedy (palm benchmark). I did it using cruise control and clockupDA. Afterburner sux'd big time. Side effects include a faster clock, which means some games run like CRAZY! Also the stop watch program doesn't keep time when its OC'd, but thats understandable.

Also, atomicArt group set up on DA. Check it out here. Thanks to ~beef for setting it up. Some quality stuff there people.