Hrm just a quick blog. Clit, the .lit cracker is going to be shut down in a month in the UK due to copyright laws that are on the same level as the DMCA (read: stupid, ill thought, undermining, limiting, horrendous). To let this piece of software be avaliable to others for LEGITMATE reasons, it will now be linked in the box to your right.

Laws like DMCA are design to protect poorly designed software and poor products in general (I mean, DRM that works via win32 only auto run "technology"), and act as a battering ram for companies who can not excel in business for their strengths, and have to resort to sueing the public for their own lack of intellect (see previous on DRM).

In other news, 28/30 for physics past HSC multiple choice, which is alright. Also won my G3 Ibook for 440, which is excellent.

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