Hrm, nothing much today. Weather took a chill turn, which is rather nice, better than those hot 35degree days we have been having.

Went to Eastwood today, and got the Macq. revision guide for SOR, so maybe now I will get better marks, and not drag John down as much ! :P

Picked up a nice portable printer from ebay for $18.5 including ink :D And on an impluse, bought a EL keyboard for 88 all up. This should be more conductive to typing at night than my current 5 year old compaq :D

Played a little CS to relax, getting pretty good with the scout. 24-0 with scout and desert eagle, not bad I say :)

Still waiting for my last pay check to clear :S

Going to the movies tommorow but, taking a break from study. Probably end up watching finding nemo, hehe :D

Bah! I'll stop boring you, later! Have a good one!