Almost a week since my last blog :-P Sorry for the lapse, HSC HAS started after all :-)

English Advanced paper 1 and 2 are now done, 6 more to go! :-) Over all I thought english was way too easy... nothing like the trials.

Next week I got MA, MA3U, PHY on all the odd days, then SOR on Tuesday, followed by SDD *and* CHEM on the SAME FREAKING DAY $%&#$^*$*

Ah well, life is tought :-)

In good news, I got an airport card cheap for $90 all up, WAY cheaper than the going price of other airport cards on ebay. Also got 256RAM for the ibook, but I managed to fubar OS 9 royally, so know I am waiting for Panther to arrive. Its released today, so it will probably get here next Wensday/Tuesday'ish.

Met some great people on deviantart.com, and its making things a lot more fun. Only 46 or so page views until I hit 1K :-D

The nekkid picture comp on atomicmpc.com.au was CLASSIC! It has class, naked ppl and lots of laughs! About the only place it can happen, where people are so willing to take a piss at themselves and each other. A memorable event to be sure. Proves that Australians are the BEST ppl in the world :-)

I'll leave you with linkage to the pictures! Enjoy!