Hrm, Tuesday, still no presents *waits* ;-)

Finally learned about Gaussian Eliminations today. Which means now I can write my own matrix solver. I have started in fact, 1/2 an hour ago, but its getting a little late, and I want my sleep. Perhaps tommorow, but definitly before Saturday.

Got called to work today from 4-6, had my right index finger smashed when I was re-shelfing in the cold storage room, which made it hurt a lot more than it should have. Its perfectly fine, althought it sure didn't feel like it at the time! Teaches me for not wearing gloves :P

Caught an hour of the Simpsons on 10, after so many years, it still bring a smile to my face :-) After that, I worked on the last question (9-89) of my phy1901 assignment, and solved the cursed thing after much frustration. Take _THAT_ rotational dynamics! The key was using the same radius when calculating the moment of inertia for the 2 wheels despite them being of different radius since the toque applied is only applied at radius R1 for b), R2 for c), which also explains the results, where velocity in c) is greater than velocity in b), since the torque is greater, "re-torque" is also greater, and the string unwinds faster.

In other great news, I no longer have 8am starts on wensdays! Ben has decided he cbf coming at 8am, so nor would I :-) Its only soft1901 prac any way ;-) Oh, and apprently I have a quizz tommorow too. Hrm...I wonder if I should study.... nah :-)

Any who, have to sleep, need my energy tommorow to last through phy1901 tutorial AND table tennis at H.K. Ward. Last session before easter, next one would be after the 28th! :-S

Fare thee well and sweet dreams!