Yay! Dad is back!

He also brought me the AMD 2600! Surprinsingly, he actually brought what I needed, a barton AMD XP. I had my moment of doubt when I can not find *any* technical information on the packaging, but after I deciphered the mysterious OPN numbers, it was clear I I had a barton on my hand. *dances*

So, all I need now is the nf7-s and some DDR400 ram, and I should have a brand new spanking computer to work with. This old girl has serve me well for the last 3 years, but unfortunately its age is finally showing through. It shall be reborn again as a distcc/povray/seti/folding/fileserver.

In other good news, my team mates for soft1901 (Victor and Tim) acutally turned in their research in time! Fantastic work it was too, all the information I need to start writting the simulation. Should have it done by the end of the easter break if all goes well.