Just realized there was another glaring omission from the functionalities of the Ocean class. I should have implemented it at the start, but got carried away with the spread() method. Oh well, the code as updated again today, but only in the Ocean class, so Tim/Victor, no need to change any of your own code.

Now, to some of the otherstuff I had, and subsequently lost:

A storm is coming
A poem I wrote after I was inspired by a great shot my friend robbie_the_seal took.

New physics lecturer
Our lecturer for mechanics, Dr Lewis wasn't there when I rocked up for my lecture, and I wasn't the only one who then took around alarmingly, and started to back out of the room :-P I would love to name the new lecturer, but I can't even pronouce her name, let alone spell it. She is from India/Sri-Lanka, so if my friend Ruwantha Wediikejsdflaslshfljksd's name is anything to go buy, its a mouth full.

Pandora's Star
I am no longer with out a book! Pandora's Star is thus far another fine example of sci-fi as it should be. Coming from the author of Night's Dawn, Peter F Hamilton, I expected no less. I'll put up my opinion (and comparison to Night's Dawn) when I have finnished it :-)

Submissions Senate Select Committee on FTA closes
Today is also the 20th of April, the dead line for submissions to the Senate Select Committee on FTA. I sincerely hope most of you have submitted your opinions on the matter (especiall where copyright and IP laws are concerned), so we can at least try to preserve the freedom we enjoy as Australians.

Cheers and good health.