*YAWWWWWWWNNNNNNN* Gosh its late, but I wanted to finnish it before I slept :-) I just couldn't sleep with it not working :P

Any who, a supposely 4 week'ish assignment is now 80% done, in less than 8 hours! :-) We have 8 none passive classes, more than enough to satisfy the requirements, and cool stuff like inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism. I forsee many long hours explaining the code....

Here is some numbers that might interest my team mates:

steve@Geofront::/share/tmp>wc -l *
84 Coral.java
67 GridDisplay.java
121 GridPanel.java
236 Ocean.java
29 Organism.java
217 Simulation.java
84 Starfish.java
43 TimerListener.java
881 total

Yep, 881 lines to explain to you... considers yourselves warned :P Get a head start, and read chapters 9, 11, 13, 14, and read the source.

Did some one say screen shots?! Well what do you know, I have them right here in my pocket:

[console output... not really useful, since it slows down the JVM if I spam debugging messages]

[classes and their inter-relationships]

[the current displays. Its not going to win any awards, but it works. Ignore the gif artifacts :-)]

For those of you wondering, yes those are in fact gifs. Unisys' patent expired here last year :-)

Any who, must sleep now, tired as sloth after a marathon.