Project update: Organism interface is now an abstract class. Tim, finnish what you are doing, and get it to compile, and I'll integrated it into the project. Victor, look into your bleaching equation, I want those corals to live for more than 10 years. Additionally, continue to ask ocean for nutrients ( sim.getOcean().getNutrients()), that will reduce the biomass from the plankton.

Source has been uploaded. Line count:
root@Geofront::~>wc -l /share/tmp/*

230 /share/tmp/Coral.java
17 /share/tmp/Environment.java
203 /share/tmp/GridDisplay.java
192 /share/tmp/GridPanel.java
428 /share/tmp/Ocean.java
141 /share/tmp/Organism.java
74 /share/tmp/Plankton.java
351 /share/tmp/Simulation.java
180 /share/tmp/Sky.java
80 /share/tmp/Starfish.java
53 /share/tmp/TimerListener.java
1949 total

Thats it for now, have a nice long weekend!