I was too tired last night, but I managed to build 31 levels in Jenga Xtreme *snicker*

Here, I took a picture before I destroyed it. It was a very difficult shot to take, as I had to hold it in my right hand in such a way it did not blocked the lense, yet had enough leverage to depress the button, and hold it steady. I believe I created a whole new yoga position just taking it.


This morning, I realized how much hair my cat produces. It was sitting on my desk (on top of my uni assignment of course, being the only thing on my desk), and did that cute thing where it brings up one hind leg, and scratches itself behind the ear (wish I can do that). Due to the position of the sun then, I saw a stream of hair shooting out at an angle approximately -27 degrees to the horizontal, every bit as massive, lethal, and dangerous as a coronal mass ejection, just much more frequent. Picture if you will, a coronal mass ejection, replacing everything (electrons, ions) with cat hair, and make the sun the size of my cat's head. Thats what it looked like. An awe inspiring sight it was, enough to put the fear of cats into every man's heart. I'll try to take a picture next time.

For Tim/Victor, the code has been updated once again. Some optimisations and bug fixes, should be a tad faster. Also the cell information now tracks the last clicked cell, which is also highlighted.

Also, please, signed this petition against the IP laws the Free Trade Agreement will bring to Australia, and do send a rational letter to your local mp and Senate Select Committee on the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States of America. In my opinion, its vital we never see the likes of DMCA in our country.