Ah, the warm fuzzy glow of making something work WAY ahead of time. The simulation is now 90% done, visualization is done, GUI is done, its all done done done. All that is left is to write some basic algorithms, but that can be done slowly. The important thing is that the frame work is done, which is 90% of a project IMHO.

Tim/Victor, get the source and start looking through them.

Here are some numbers:

steve@Geofront::/share/tmp>wc -l *
103 Coral.java
175 GridDisplay.java
191 GridPanel.java
259 Ocean.java
34 Organism.java
301 Simulation.java
100 Starfish.java
43 TimerListener.java
1206 total

Thats right, I added another 400 or so lines to it. The GridDisplay class got a rather heft update due to the addition of extra buttons and such. Simulation class also took a hit due to the simulations dialogue. Its surprising how much code it takes to get a few buttons going in java.

I expect the line count to reach 2000 by the time we are REALLY finnished. Here are some screen shots.

[The start up options dialoge]

[Classes relationship diagram, nicely arranged so the lines don't cross :-)]

[Grid display using a 50x50 map and 800x800 display. There is a pattern because I cbf'd typing 50 semi-random lines consisting of 0,1,2]

I think I'll take a break now. Been up since 8:00am, only 5 hours of sleep :P