19 years ago on this day (well not exactly this day), I was born. And it *had* to rain :-) Even my umbrella didn't stop it this time (God has found some one else who he hates more than me, horrah!)

Got together with some friends for a very enjoyable lunch at uni, bit of an informal celebration. When I got home, I found out my mum has invited a few family friends so over, so much for "quiet" celebrations. Any who, mum cooked my favourites, and it wasn't so bad, even when they started singing that blasted song :-)

Oh, and my cat threw up, green and purple, on the carpet. My mum went the same colors when she found out.

Oh, got my SOFT1901 assignment back, 20/20 *dances*. Also formed a group with Tim and Victor for the second assignment, which is going to be fairly interesting.

I'll put up a page with all the information regarding the Easter Monday BBQ in a bit. Links will be provided.