Yay! Victor made a huge effort, and got his Sky class finnished tonight. It has been incorporated in to the project source.

Well done mate :-)

We are ever so close now. A few more classes, and finding the proper co-efficients, and we should pass this with a HD.

Numbers and screen shots:

steve@Geofront::/share/tmp>wc -l *
108 Coral.java
17 Environment.java
184 GridDisplay.java
208 GridPanel.java
265 Ocean.java
34 Organism.java
323 Simulation.java
151 Sky.java
104 Starfish.java
43 TimerListener.java
1437 total

Another 200 lines, closer to the target of 2000 :-)

[class relationships as of today. Can't arrange it with out crossing lines any more]

[GUI with 2 added labels, cell highlighting, and a small grid size (500x500 as opposed to the default 800x800)]

Previous screenshots no longer works since atomicscript disabled hotlinking. That should be all for tonight. Unlikely to be any new development. I'll write the plankton class tommorow.