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I finnished pandora's star a few days back, now reading Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

As promised, here is a quick review of pandora's star:

True to his earlier work, Peter F Hamilton has again created a large selection of characters representing almost every cross section of the Commonwealth, the universe he has created. Characters are deep as oceans, and their development is often surprising, and is more of a roller coaster ride, as you are contantly re-evaluating your personal opinion of each character due to new information and development. My personal favourites would have to be Ozzie and SI.

What else can you expect from Hamilton but a great story? Plenty of twists, half truths, hidden meanings, mystries to keep you hooked, all of this tied together by a very colourful and solid setting. The extrapolations of effects of living for ever, FTL, human expansion in to space, and evolution of alien species, and a dash of mysticism create a story that has its roots deep in sci-fi, yet reaches high fantasy.

If you like sci-fi/fantasy, you have to read Pandora's Star. Its a ride that will carry you far into the future and across space, into a world that could very well come true one day for our children, a world so details you can almost reach out and touch it. Along the way, you will come across romance, courage, greed, the full spectrum of human emotions expressed in suituations beyond our times and yet familar to us in every day living. And if you finnish it before the second book is out, read Night's Dawn, and see how far the worm hole goes.