There was a girl in Vietnam, squatting in the shit and waste of her village, pouring water from a tin cup into mud in the rain.

She knew the truth.

There was a man in a building, coming down from cocaine, smashing his head against a mirror, laughing at the rivets of blood running down the glass.

He too, knew the truth.

There was an old soldier, who lost his legs and arms in the war. When ppl ask why he did it, and what it got him, he said "See where my arms and legs are? Thats how I like it".

He sure as hell knew the truth.

There was a beggar woman I saw on the high way once, picking up the shit people throw out of their cars. Then she would find a over pass, and dump them all back down again.

She tried to find the truth.

I saw a thirsty man once, begging for water in the rain. Some one finally gave him some, he sat down, lifted his feet off the dirt, and washed them. Then he smiled and said "thanks".

He wanted to deny the truth.

A man with no arms jumped off a building, claiming he can fly. He laughed all the way down, and I think he is still laughing.

He saw the truth.

The truth isn't out there, its right in front of you, if only you would turn around and see.

I am still turning.