And the winners are...

Hrm, lets hope I could remember the results. Oh, and I am going to put my opinions on whether each winner deserved their prize. If you disagree, build a bridge, and get over it ;-)
  • Best non-GUI simulation group 2, bush fire! Good work team :-) (I am with them...)

  • Best poster, group 10 Harry Potter references galore... not real technical or design merit in my opinion.

  • Best GUI OCAR group, the only *real* 3d. I think train simulation should have won here.

Many thanks to Kathleen for helping with my presentation, and general look pretty all night ;-) Tim and Victor, being present in spirit, wasn't really that much of a comfort ;-)

It was a great night, and while I didn't win anything (I had snowflake's chance in hell), I am still glad I went. Putting "better to regret something you have done then something you haven't" into practice :-) Oh, and I was asked twice whether I have ADD. The answer is I don't know :-P

Oh, and my GTR case came, *finally*. As soon as I get a new psu, my new computer will be ready! First full format in 4 YEARS. Can you say OS rot? :P


ps. no more snarky greetings from jenny ;-)