This just hasn't been my day :-S

Where to start... lets begin at the beginning. First, I thought I had an hour to do my physics computational exam for chaos, so imagine my shock when I was told I had 2 minutes to go 20 minutes into it... Yep, I fell off my chair, curled up into a fetal position, rocked back and forth whimpering "It can't be happening" until my 2 minutes ran out. Oh, I chewed the carpet a little too, for the fibers see.

After that little trauma, the next thing I know, I was playing chess again Tim. And lost 3 games in an hour, with out ever making a single good move. I guess my mind just wasn't on the job. In fact Tim started to suggest moves, as he got fed up with my dismal performance.

To add insult to injury, spirite was spilled on my beloved stm bag. Now my bag smells faintly of lemonade, and somewhat sticky...

Ben, my soft1901 tutor, some how also talked me into entering that blasted competition for soft1901. Goodbye Tuesday night...

Now I have to run off and hack together some nasty html/css for a web page. Isn't life grand ;-)

To relieve the boredom that comes with reading this blog, here is a politically incorrect joke:
What is blue and fit no more? A dead epileptic!

Going to dig myself a nice hobbit hole and hide in it now, after that one ;)