knoppix and mbr fun

Here is how much fun you can have with knoppix and mbr:
  1. To screw your mbr, run
    and elect to install lilo into your mbr. Now this might just be me, but lilo won't install, complaining something about my video card, and device 0xf00000 which I did not commit to memory.

  2. To fix your mbr, run
    as root by typing
    find your bootable partition, and simply do
    install-mbr -e <partitions> 
    /dev/<your master hard drive>

    Only works for IDE as far as I know. For me, it was partition 1 and 3, and thus the invocation was:
    install-mbr -e 13 /dev/hda
    For more informaton,
    man install-mbr

Here endth the lesson.

In other news, a nice boot manager is bootman in beos. It also has an easter egg. Hit 'M' when selecting your OS, and be prepared for a epileptic fit of the fractal variety.

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