June 08, 2004

Live from the event.

Aha, coming live from the event (soft1901 competition!). All the groups have presented, votes cast, fingers crossed, prayers said (and not answered, ha! God doesn't like you).

Any minute now the results will be announced.

*Hi mum* - from jenny

Ohh the tension, I think I am going to faint from breathing in all the perspiration... *cough*

Peace favour your sword.

ps. from jenny may the seeds of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman. << and I thought I had problems...


  1. hey! that's a super cool comment :)

    have you watched the young ones? it was from the CASH episode.. neil is writing to the bank manager asking for an extension on his student grant (?I think?) because he's broke. initially, the letter was:

    dear bank manager,

    I would like to request an extention on my student grant,

    yours sincerely, neil
    but his friends told him that would make him sound gay so he changed it to what they suggested, which was:

    facist bastard!

    give me money!

    may the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman, neil
    :) boomshanka :)

  2. Ah, thats where you got it from! :P

    ROFL@letter. Yep, thats a sure fire way to get an extension to a grant ;-)