Bah, over slept today. Missed my physics lecture, but caught sight of some one more pleasant :-) Blasted cat woke me at 06:00 for no good reason, and only left my face alone when I physically went over and opened my room's door, which I left ajar deliberately so it can exit on its own. To my latter pain, I closed it as well, which meant 40 minutes later I had to drag myself out of the warm nest of blankets, and open the door to let it back in!! There is NO pleasing this cat! :-S

Got my ma1001/2 assignments back, full mark for each. Needless to say, I am stoked. Brought myself 1/4 chicken and chips from my favorite chicken place to celebrate. Haven't had that in *months*

Still debating on whether to enter the soft1901 competition. Apparently there is a group in Glen's tutorial group that absolutely kicked ass, so I won't stand much of a chance.

Elec1101 lab test tomorrow, heard its a walk in the park. Hopefully I won't trip over something, as I tend to with simple tests.

Just realized lecture 17 notes are missing from the elec1101 hand outs, its going to make this week's tutorial interesting.

Oooh, I get the NF7-S tomorrow, which means I can finally upgrade after 3 years!!! Hope that nice case from auspcmarket.com get here soon. As doe said: "Once you go black, you don't go back". Any one want an Athlon TB 1G, A7PRO, GF3Ti200 and 512 pc133 sd ram ? :P

Well I am off to do my physics assignment. Don't want anything to be hanging over my head next week.