Sale of the century!
Selling a few things on atomicmpc forums, have a look, and see if there is anything you need :)

As some of you know, I am a astonshell user. I love it, it fits my workflow like a glove. Nothing else would let me work as efficiently as astonshell+altdesk does. Well maybe OS X and KDe... Any who, it appears astonshell is in deep water. Well, gladiator software is. See, they are going to re-write astonshell, to support more features, like dual monitors, and some very cool user interface tricks too. And they want you to buy it. Again. See, when I brought aston shell v1, it said All future updates will be free. One naturally then expect A2, the code name for the new astonshell, will be too, for current owners of A1.

However a recent news item said otherwise. In fact, it managed to shotgun a few hornet's nests:

  • win9x support dropped - this is a Good Thing(tm) in my opinion. Support for legacy systems only serves to slow down innovation. *looks at IE*. Some people might not like it, but as far as I am concerned, they can keep using A1 on win 9x/me machines.

  • Lies, bloody lies! - this refers to the fore mentioned intention of gladiator software to charge people yet again for A2. Personally I don't mind a discounted price, since A2 is going to be completely different to A1. But then again, they did advertise all future updates will be free as an incentive for you to part with your hard earn money. Gladiator software needs to get its act together and decide. The main attraction of astonshell and altdesk is in the skinner/plugin community that produces themes and plugins that makes life beautiful. If that group banded together, and boycotted A2, Gladiator software is going to find themselves looking at a pie in the sky from the bottom of a well.

I saws the Olympic flame
What luck! I knew it was coming to syndey on friday, but didn't expect to have the proverbial snowflake's chance in hell of seeing it, but I did! First I heard from Tim the Wentworth footbridge was closed, and deduced it must be due to the flame, but still didn't expect to see it. After we had our lion's share of food, Tim and I went over to the physics building, and on the way, spotted hundreds of students lining City Rd. At that point, we decided to join the masses.

After much waiting and police passage, it finally came. It was bit of an anti-climax really, wasn't all that exciting. One man carried the torch, surrounded by several extremely weary looking people. But I suppose its better to have seen it, then to regret not to have.

Oh, and I got a Coca-Cola flag saying "I saw the flame" on it. Where is yours Tim? ;)

Going to paintball next saturday for Dominic's 18th! :-D Can't wait to starting shooting at various people };-)~ *evil laughter* *chokes* *goes blue in the face* *dies*

That shall be all for now, going to find some past papers, and prepare for the exams.

May you wake to find your worries scatted to the four winds!