Going from design to dead tree is a wonderful process that every one should try once in their life time. Here is how it went, more or less:

  • went to print shop at ~3:50pm
  • arrived at print shop, clerk takes an age to get it printing properly
  • ~4:20pm, finally printed
  • discovered after careful trimming, right hand side is too small, scaling is off
  • realized there is no way it can be fixed by scaling the print out
  • looked at clock, 1/2 hour till closing (5pm)
  • race home on bike at record speeds, collected the following:
    • swore at for reckless riding: 3x
    • almost got hit by car: 2x
    • told to get off the bloody footpath: 1x
    • almost broke my neck clipping against various structures: 2x
  • get home at 4:40pm, ran up stairs, stepping on cat's tail on the way
  • fastest pdf creation ever
  • burn to cd, run back downstairs, tripping over cat
  • hop back on bike
  • another world record for getting from my place -> snap printing
  • get there with 3 minutes to spare
  • printed off left side 1x, right side 2x
  • crossed my fingers and hope it works out

Well as you probably guessed, it didn't :-( Somewhere along the pipe line, the right hand side is scaled a tad too small, off by around 4mm. In the end I settled for making sure the words were readable, sacrificing the neatness of the diagram. During application of invisible tape, right side rotated slightly, but by then it was too late to fix! You have no idea how much that drives me up the wall...

Oh, and the lastest and greatest source for soft1901 has been uploaded. This will be the source marked tomorrow!

Here are the line counts:
steve@Geofront::/share/tmp>wc -l *

184 AntlerCoral.java
241 BrainCoral.java
259 Coral.java
68 Empty.java
17 Environment.java
225 GridDisplay.java
190 GridPanel.java
74 Logger.java
756 Ocean.java
172 Organism.java
85 Outbreaks.java
107 Plankton.java
85 Predator.java
460 Simulation.java
204 Sky.java
447 Starfish.java
241 SunshineCoral.java
53 TimerListener.java
238 TritonShellfish.java
364 cloudcover.txt
365 daylighthours.txt
51 omap.txt
3 sim.txt
4889 total

Any who, sleep calls, tomorrow shall be a busy day! No physics tutorial however, so no table tennis either! (Not going to wait around for 3 hours).

Peace favour your path,