Yet *another* code update. :-)
Simulation class now creates a random object when its created, for use in other classes. This a) reduces over head from creating new random objects b) ensures the numbers are fairly random.

The speed is now assign the following:
speed += speed*sim.getRandom().nextDouble();
This ensures the starfish have different speeds, an attribute which gives some starfish a massive advantage. Tim, a suggestion would be to write a Starfish constructor that takes speed as a parameter, and assign the new Starfish the given speed +/- variation. This would lead to "survivial of the fittest" emergence.

I have just finnished The Great Hunt in the Wheel of Time series, and have started reading The Dragon Reborn. This be a nice series, right up there with A Song of Ice and Fire

Glen just informed me I have another MA1001 assignment due, this makes 4 in 2 weeks. Busy busy....