Horrah! The piano arrived today :-) Some brand I can't pronouce: EUTERPOL.


Soft1901 !! Updated 21.30 !!
Update: fixed problems with predators not dying properly. Coded preferential eating for the Starfish class, and coded time stepping just then to ease debugging. The source has been uploaded, Tim and Victor, please update your copies.


Computational physics started today, and got introduced to matlab. While its powerful, it does have some quirks to work with. Much fun was had using i, every one's pet imaginary number where we should have used real numbers. The results produced for a projectile at velocity 2i angle 3.14i was the cause of much mirth. At least in our group >:-) Time was constructively wasted trying to attain a circle in our phase state graph (angular velocity vs angle), and it was managed by setting l to 1/9.8 .

On my way to Wallace Theater, I witness a moment of nature's best. There stood 2 row of trees in their autum blossom, the wind came, and the leaves fell in a rain of colors, the light just right, capturing everything in a golden glow. The following was born minutes later:

Trees golden and brown,
leaves dance in wind's gentle caress,
adorning the Earth.

Peace favour your sword.