Ohh it has been a geological era since the last update... here is the past week at a glance:

Wheel of Time
Caught up to you Tim :-) Up to Book 4, Shadow Rising (or something like it)

Mum came home yesterday, and announced in a calm controlled fashion she brought me a piano. :-) She managed to bargain a $3800 piano down to $2000 including free stool, delivery, and tuning. Now *thats* bargining.

Presentation and integrated prototype went well, probably 9-10/10. Tim, please fix starfish and tritonshell fish before next weekend, and test using the latest code.

Table Tennis
Finally paid that extra $30, so now I am now a full member, no longer required to pay $3 every time I go. A saving considering I go almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Sydney DeviantArt Meet
A Sydney DeviantArt meet is being arranged, more details are they come to me.

Thats more or less everything... well everything I like to share any who :-)

Light illumine you all,