A short post this shall be, much work to be done!

The poster is almost done, just need to add the contents. Any feedback on the current design would be appreciated.


The blue lines are NOT part of the poster, they are guide lines to assist in design.

hotsync cradle
Have arranged with evo to get his spare hotsync cradle, so its all good as far as my m130 is concerned.

svg -> bitmap
If any one knows of a good svg -> bitmap exporter, *please* let me know! sodipodi for win32 likes to crash when exporting to png. Makes life very difficult for me!

A new bb by a good friend of mine, neophyte, dedicated to all things fuabar'd, and scripting/coding of course :) Give it a visit, you won't be disappointed!

Now I better get back to work. ma1001 quizz tomorrow, poster and advanced task Z due wensday... ARG!

Have a more relaxing weekend !