soft1901 :: coral
Here is a mock up of the poster I am making:

poster mockup

Let me know what you think :-)

Stuff in the mail
Max Payne and Ground Control arrived in the mail yesterday, horrah! 2 games I have always wanted to play, but never got a chance to. My chess set arrived today at 0700, with all the pieces this time! :-) Also got an invitation to join the Royal Flying Doctor Society, which I will be more than happy to take up.

piano tuners everywhere
Seems they are everywhere I look, friend from uni in my physics group also fixes and tunes pianos for a living!

dead cradle
Yep, thats right, my palm hotsync cradle died. Charges fine, but not longer hotsyncs. Until I get a new one, I have to find a clever way of copying files on to my palm! Luckily a friend has a spare. Some times life just falls into place like a jig saw.

Here is a quote I have been abusing lately:

If you must face the gallows,
give a jest to the crowd,
a coin to the hangman,
ane make the drop with a smile on your face